miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Asking about love

Dear Friend:

I've never written a letter like this before. I've been in love with you since we met last year. It was a beauty night in February. I was in that restaurant with my best friend when I saw you. You and your friends talked to us and that night we ate together and after, we went to the disco. Since then you've stayed in my heart.

We've gone out several times after that day; we've stayed together a few times and you've been very friendly to me, too, but I think you haven't known that I am deeply in love with you. I've talked with my mother about you, but she hasn't understood my feelings. She thinks that I'm too young.

I knew that my best friend has sent you some messages from her cellphone, but you haven't answered them. I think that you don't want to tell her your feelings. She told me many things about your life and, sometimes, I feel misserable because I don't know your real reasons.

I think that you don't like me, but I've decided to write this letter to tell you that I've loved you since the day we met and I've thought of you every night and day. Please, tell me something, I need to know your opinion about my feelings...


Your Lover.