viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

My feelings about you

Sometimes I try to find the best solution of my feelings. I want to see you; on the other hand, I need to think about other kind of things that permit me not to remember you. Sometimes, I just imagine that you steal me a kiss; it is the best kiss that I have never recived...

Since the last day, when you tried to kiss me, I have thought in you. Everything on my mind have been turning around you!! Now, I feel so sad, because you told me the hardest words that I had never heard before.

These words have been turning around my ideas, my things and my feelings. I told you that they don't matter to me, but inside of my heart I have many little pieces of it, because you don't know anything about me; I'm pretty sure that it will be all your life.

Maybe you are afraid like me, but I have the courage to walk the way in front of me and you can't. Maybe you can read my feelings one day, but it doesn't mean that you know that they are for you. May be it was our punishment; maybe not. The thing is that I promised me that I will not be falling in love again. And I think that it will be the hardest part for me, because I'm really romantic person and I can not be it.

I try to accept my view point and I try to fight with my feelings everyday. I promise me that I can conquer the world in other place far away to you and it will make me happy again.