jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

I´m really in love!!!

Several day ago I have felt alone, inside a world full with wickedness and full of people that don´t understand what I fell inside my heart.

I have felt the necessity to have my side somebody that I take care that protects me that hugs me and that kisses me and makes me fly, to arrive to the sky with his caresses and his fondness. I have needed not just a friend, a confident, but rather to love somebody that feels all what I feel inside.

I´m in love with a life and I wanted the life returned to me that love that surpasses my self. I just hope that love arrives soon, because I no longer tolerate more to be alone in my own world of love for that reason I believe that... I´m really in love...

2 comentarios:

Mariolinocopinol dijo...

2 b in love of love its not good, however I can tell ure a really nice person, good luck!

Anónimo dijo...

it sounds pretty normal to me that kind of feelings,from now on,when ever you feel alone again,call me.. i always be here for you.